Tuesday, February 21, 2012

message in a bottle, buzzard and beach

today we found a message in a bottle ... how fun ... Maya was so excited :)

it had been set to see about 7 days earlier an hour north from where we found it ... so it did not travel far but it was such a fun find anyway filled with a letter, toy goodies and a contact email ..

after a heavy storm last night lots of interesting creatures had been stranded .. this We think is a dogfish a kind of shark ... need to research a bit more

small but sharp nevertheless

it had the most beautiful markings

and the snowdrops alongside rhe river are out in full force

managed to get out at low tide and were greeted with lots of sandy banks

and birds galore

also found a buzzard who had ended its life near the playground .. Maya decided to study it .. researching how to preserve wings and talons and is hoping to retrieve the skeleton head

the wings soaking in salted water for 2 weeks

chasing seafoam in the wind

a mermaids purse catching a bot of sun

and a seagull finding its resting place

quietly watching a little sandpiper bird catching prey on the incoming tide

little M& big m


  1. What a wild and rugged place the two M's have washed ashore on - so very beautiful.

  2. Oh I so enjoy reading about your adventures! I hope the taxidermy experiment works out! I heard (but have never tried so far)that you can preserve bird wings in borax. Enjoy your beautiful corner of the world:-) xoxo

  3. Oh, I can't wait to here how her adventure with animal preservation goes!

  4. @Monika... ohh will look into Borax ... thanks for the tip